The 5 Step Process We Take To Create Dream Kitchens

From the initial concept to the complete installation of your kitchen, our team at Create A Kitchen are fully committed to your satisfaction. To achieve this, we employ a five step process when designing every new kitchen.



Step 1: In-home consultation

Starting with an in-home consultation, our experienced designers will visit you at home to take accurate measurements of the kitchen space and discuss your vision for it.

During this visit, we'll discuss the options available to you, the materials best suited to this project, and the budget that you have. Whether you have a budget of $10,000 or $100,000, our experienced team is able to create solutions to give you the kitchen of your dreams.



Step 2: Designing The Initial Concept

Taking the information discussed during the in-home consultation, your designer then combines it with their knowledge of the latest trends and creates an initial concept of your dream kitchen.

Using our 3D kitchen design software, we'll present it to you and, together, review how closely it resembles the layout that you have envisioned for your kitchen.




Step 3: Customising Your Kitchen

A kitchen is more than just a part of a house. It reflects the tastes and lifestyle of its owners.

With different products, finishes and accessories available to choose from, we'll work together with you to make your kitchen truly unique to you.





Step 4: Manufacturing Your Kitchen

Once payment of your deposit has been confirmed, our advanced manufacturing facility will set aside the required resources to build your kitchen.

Throughout the build phase, our team keeps a close eye on the project to ensure that every part is made to specifications, thereby avoiding any unnecessary delays.




Step 5: Installation

Finally, the day your kitchen gets installed arrives.

Working closely with all tradespeople involved, our aim is to complete your kitchen installation within the timeframe that has been agreed to. In this way, we are able to minimise any potential disruptions to your daily life.