Gooseneck Sink Mixer

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In Stock
Product Code: X1 SM GNECK

Code: X1 SM G/NECK
Finish: Chrome
Spout: Swivel 360˚
Aerator supplied
Stainless Steel Inlet Hoses:
Hot: Size: M16 x 1/2” BSP
Length: 500 mm
Cold: Size: M12 x 1/2” BSP
Length: 500 mm
Metal Base Ring supplied with O-ring seal
Mounting Hardware:
Studs: 2 x 8 mm
Nut: 11 mm A/F
Horseshoe Washer
Installation Hole Diameter:
Minimum: 38 mm
Maximum: 45 mm
Recommended: 40 mm
Cartridge: Mondo 40K Flat base
Handy Tip: For unequal pressure systems adjust the isolator
filter stops supplied
WELS: Mains pressure 3 Star
Flow rate 9 ℓ/min
Low/Unequal 3 Star
Flow rate 9 ℓ/min

Equal and Unequal
Recommended Pressure
Operational Range:
Minimum: 35 kPa
Recommended: 600 kPa
Never to Exceed: 1000 kPa
Maximum Operating
Temperature: 70°C