Gooseneck Sink Mixer with Water Filter

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Product Code: X1 SMWF

Code: X1 SMWF
Finish: Chrome
Spout: Swivel 360˚
Outlet: Flow Guide or 8 l/min PCA
Stainless Steel Inlet Hoses:
Hot: I/D: 9.5mm Size: M16 x 1/2” BSP
Length: 500mm
Cold: I/D: 6.5mm Size: M12 x 1/2” BSP
Length: 500mm
Metal Base Ring supplied with O-ring seal Dia. 55mm
Mounting Hardware: Studs: 1 x 8mm
Nut: 11mm A/F
Horseshoe Washer
Installation Hole Diameter: Minimum: 40mm
Maximum: 45mm
Cartridge: Mondo 40K Plus Raised base
Suitable for both equal and unequal pressures, minimum 50 kPa.
Regulation must be used on the cold supply in unequal pressure
Mount at least 65mm away from wall to allow full travel of handle.

All pressures
Recommended Pressure
Operational Range:
Minimum: 50 kPa
Recommended: 600 kPa
Never to Exceed: 1000 kPa
Maximum Operating
Temperature: 70°C