HubTub Slim

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Product Code: AQ HUBTUB SLIM


  • Robust long-life powder-coated galvanised steel cabinet (up to 30% thicker than other cabinets)
  • Pressed seamless laundry tub with anti-drip lip
  • Single lever all pressure mixer - 5 year warranty
  • Recessed metal door handle
  • Reinforced full-width door to prevent ‘door wobble’
  • Reversible door
  • Door storage basket
  • Magnetic door catches
  • Meltica-coated shelf and floor for storage
  • Hot and cold isolators with dual capped outlets (15mm and 20mm)
  • Lifetime warranty on stainless steel bowl
  • Designer overflow capacity greater than 25 litres per minute

Suitable all pressures Recommended Pressure Operational Range: Minimum: 35 kPa Recommended: 600 kPa Never to Exceed: 1000 kPa Maximum Operating Temperature: 70°C